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Seasons of Change

To Everything There Is A Season...Ecclesiastes 3

As I was rushing to work today, I was amazed to realise when I finally reached my desk, that I had sneezed about ten times, used three tissues to blow my nose, and had blossoms that had fallen from the tree branches stuck in my hair - and I work only six walking minutes away from my seven hours a day, five days a week of temporary office residence. No doubt these signs of sneezing and blowing of the nose and trying as glamorously as I could to do what was unglamourous only reminded me what season it is.


A time to build up. The beginning of new growth – the beginning of pollen ridden pretty little coloured scented delicate new growths called flowers. The experience I had, no matter how short, reminded me of the effects of the time and what I could do to live in it best prepared.

Do you recognise what season you're in?

I understand that good perspective comes with seeing through the right perspective. So many times I've moaned and complained at some trial or other that comes my way, wondering if it is because of some sin that I have committed, or something that I'm not doing right, my own shortcomings and failures, when the still silent voice reminds me that it's just a...Season.

So easily Summer can be forgotten, the time when the sun's out, and flip flops are making a merry noise, or the feel of warm tarmac or grass against the soles of the feet for some. The slush puppies and ice creams are rapidly selling, picnics in the park, fun and games and daylight that seems reluctant to disappear. As you walk along the streets, people actually smile and acknowledge one another with a jovial 'hello' or the tip of a hat. In those times it's easy to just know that this is a good season.

A Time to be born.

Close your eyes and open them again, and Autumn greets you with an apologetic smile as you begin to see the slight change when full bloom begins to die. Leaves turn brown, and the dying process begins to make way for regeneration. Each day you're unsure whether you should put on a light jacket or a full grown parka as the weather itself seems confused and doesn't know whether it should rain or shine.

A time to break down.

Now with eyes wide shut, Winter makes an appearance, and the harsh reality of the brutal cold slaps you right across the cheeks whenever you step outside, and has you reaching for the ear muffs and gloves you thought you didn't need. The mornings are dark, the alarm clock constantly on snooze and your bed covers become your new best best bestest, best of friends. Winter Warmers are back in and long johns are all the rage. The trees are naked and bear and destitute, and the beautiful rose garden in the back yard has become a haven for some rather sad looking weeds. Streets are gritted as snow falls and there are reports to be ready for the changing weather conditions on a daily basis.

It is a time to die.

In each of these seasons, we are encouraged to prepare in different ways according to what we are bound to face. I find its the same with life. When you know what season you are in, it's easier to prepare and face it knowing that it only lasts for a time. I'm encouraged to know that as harsh as Winter may be, Summer always makes an appearance.

I'm especially interested in Winter right now, I think it's the most important season. I imagine the trees crying out as the leaves that make them so beautiful begin to die and fall away. How if they could, they would most probably throw tantrums, moan and groan and wish that they didn't have to endure this process. No, I'm not talking about me, I'm referring to the trees...(A-hem, I clear my throat). But after enduring, and seemingly looking unattractive, and unappealing, after that, comes the full bloom of Summer. Winter realises without having to go through the season of change, as unappealing as it may seem, Summer would never arrive.

With the right perspective, we will see that Winter actually takes joy in its element. Becase it knows what time it is in. Whatever season you're in, it may be Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn, especially if you're in the Winter time, know that it only helps to enhance the rarest of bloom.

To everything there is a season, and that everything is made beautiful in it's time.

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