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Friday, 27 August 2010

To Forgive and Forget...

Her hands were tied behind her back, and the rope that held them was cutting into her, as she twisted and turned to get them free.

'Please, let me go' she cried. 'Please, I don't know why you're doing this!'.

He walked over and stood behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. 'You really don't need to worry' he whispered as he leaned forward to her ear.

She flinched as she felt him come close.

'I'm not going to hurt you'.


Mira had to talk loudly to be be heard above the loud vibrations around her. She had decided to venture out and go to a bar with Louise's boyfriend Charlie and the new guy she had been seeing, Adrian. Although she was a little tired, she was getting into the night, and began to dance to the music.

'This is great huh?' Mira shouted over the music at Louise. Louise laughed and half smiled as she glanced at her watch.

'Would you ladies like another drink?' Adrian asked as he sauntered over with Charlie in tow.

'Sure, yes the usual for me' Mira replied smiling up at him.

'And for you Louise?' Adrian asked hugging Mira close to him.

'Just the same, thank you sir' Louise replied as she winked.

Mira smiled after the two guys as they walked off to the bar. She couldn't believe her luck at having met Adrian. He was gorgeous. Tall, short trim hair, good build, amazing eyes. Mira didn't just take to him because of the way he looked, but he was amazing because they had become the best of friends. He seemed to know her so well, and they would often spend hours talking on the phone and enjoying each others company. She would watch TV or paint and he would read. She would always tease him when he would put his glasses on after taking out his contacts.

'You look like a geek with those on'. she teased him recently. 'Similar to a boy I knew at school. Your glasses are so thick'. Adrian had tensed and put down his book, teeth clenched as he smiled.

'So what do you want do do for your birthday?' He had asked.

It had been Mira's birthday two days ago, and she had agreed to go out for a celebratory drink. She hated celebrating her birthday way back from her teenage years. Her family had tried to organise untold surprise parties in the past for her 16th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th and 25th thereafter, but Mira was never really into all of that. She promptly acquired a knack of finding out about any surprise happenings and promptly never showed up. She vowed nobody would ever throw her a surprise anything, at least one she didn't know about or didn't consent to. After her 25th, there had been no other attempts. Now that it was her big 3-0, Mira carefully scrutinised all her friends and family to make sure they didn't have any ideas in mind.

She'd spent a quiet night in with Adrian on her actual birthday, and now this was the closest celebration she would have after Adrian, Louise and Charlie told her they were taking her out for a drink whether she liked it or not.

Adrian and Charlie came back with the drinks. They danced and talked for a little while before Louise signaled she was ready to go.

'Oh, I was only just enjoying myself' Mira cried. 'You can go Louise, I'll stay with Adrian'.

'Oh, Mira', Adrian frowned, glancing at Lousie. 'I'm pretty beat as well hon, it's been a long day. I think we'd better call it a night'.

Mira sulked, clearly disappointed. Outside it was cold. Adrian had gone back inside because he had forgotten his hoodie.

'See you later babe'. Louise kissed Mira on the cheek. 'Hope you enjoyed!'. Charlie gave her a hug and they both went their way.

Mira stood and hugged herself. She frowned and looked back at the doors of the bar wondering what was taking Adrian so long.

Suddenly Mira felt strong arms around her as a gag was stuffed into her mouth and a bag was pulled over her head. She began kicking and screaming, her heart beating intensely at the sudden attack as she was dragged a short distance. She heard muffled voices that she couldn't make out. Her hands were grabbed and tied behind her back as she was pushed into the back of a car. A door opened and closed as she heard an engine start and the car began to move.

Mira was petrified, she screamed and kicked but couldn't do much because she was restricted. Hot tears rolled down her face. The car finally stopped and she heard the car door open and close. Her side door opened as strong arms pulled her out. She struggled and kicked but wasn't a match for the strong frame holding her. She was lifted and carried as footsteps sounded heavy and hurried. Her voice was muffled under the gag, and her words couldn't be made out as she twisted and turned to get free.

The movement stopped and she heard a key turn and a door open and close before she was lead to a chair. The bag over her head was removed, but it didn't help that she could see nothing sitting in total darkness. She cocked her head to the side - she thought she had heard voices. She listened closely, but all was silent around her. The gag was removed form her mouth, and Mira immediately screamed as loud as she could.

'Shhhhh' Mira heard the voice calm her down. 'I'm not going to hurt you'. She heard a match strike behind her.

'Please!' Mira cried out wriggling in her seat. 'Please don't set me alight, please, please don't burn me!'.

The man moved over to where she was and set a candle on a table. Mira squinted and could now make out his face.

She gasped in shock. 'Why? Why are you doing this? Whats going on'? She stammered.

Mira began to cry, and whimper. 'What's happening? What's going on?' Adrian stared at her silently.

'Adrian? Baby why?' she whispered. 'Who are you?!'

'Why? Adrian replied, slowly walking in around her. 'Who am I?' He straightened up and took a deep breath.

'Lets see if I can trigger your memory Mira dear, since you have so easily forgotten'.

He slowly pulled out a photo and laid it on the table that was beside her. He pushed the candle close so she could see the picture. Mira leaned over and peered. As the candle flickered, she could just about make out a boy in the photo. A boy with think horn rimmed glasses. He had braces on his teeth and he was fat and stout.

'Oh my gosh' Mira spluttered. 'That's Eaide from junior school! Adrian, I don't get this. Please untie me now. This joke is over'.

'Eaide', Adrian repeated. 'Yes Eaide. You know, the fat short stubby kid that you used to tease Mira. You used to push him down onto the floor and spit on him. You'd take his glasses off so he couldn't see properly. Yes, Eaide.' Adrian stopped and paused.

'Eaide was me Mira' Adrian spoke softly pointing to the picture. 'That was me'.

Mira squeezed her eyes shut and opened them again. 'Oh my goodness' she whimpered. She began to cry.

'I am so sorry Adrian! Please forgive me! I was cruel, mean, I was only a child, I didn't know what I was doing'. Mira struggled with her hands wanting to be free. 'I love you!' She cried.

'Shhh, shhh,' Adrian stroked her hair, 'Don't cry Mira, this isn't what you think. I'm not going to hurt you. I was hurt by what you did, but I grew up learning to forgive. I grew up a lot in fact'. He stood to his full 6 feet 5. 'And the old days, well, they don't bother me so much now'.

He smiled at her. 'I really liked you back then you know. In fact, I love you too. But I vowed, that If I ever did meet you again, I would have to pay you back for what you put me through. You know the whole forgive but never forget saying?'.

Mira nodded, tears welled in her eyes.

'Well, the 'never forget' kind of takes over'. Adrian paused.

'I bumped into Louise a while back before I met you, and we got talking' he said.

'Louise?' Mira asked puzzled? What does Louise have to do with this?'

'Yeah' Adrian grinned. 'We talked, and that's when we decided this whole thing'.

'Decided what?', Laura asked. 'What is going on Adrian?! Untie me right now!'

Adrian leaned over and kissed Mira on the cheek. 'That's when we decided to...'

'SURPRISE!!!!' Came a chorus of voices.

Lights came on full blast and people milled in from every corner of the house that Mira was held hostage in. Balloons were released from the ceiling, falling down all around, littering the room in multi colours, as silly string was sprayed and party poppers were popped all over. Louise came running out with Charlie, all their friends were grinning and laughing. Louise rushed over to untie Mira and lift her up in a hug.

'Happy Birthday!!!!' She trilled as she slapped Mira on the back. 'I really hope you're not mad at us? We just had to find out a way to give you that one very surprise birthday party you said you'd never ever have...'