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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Blue Skies and White Swans

Macy felt weary as she walked, she paused to sit upon a park bench. She looked up at the sky through teary eyes, and could see grey skies and raindrops falling. She wiped the tears away from her eyes.

Rita came to sit beside her. She looked ahead and saw ugly ducklings in the pond.

A passer by stopped and stood. He looked up.

''How blue the sky is''. He said.

''What?'' Macy remarked. ''The clouds are heavy and the sky is grey, can you not see?''

''And look at those white swans,'' He continued. ''So beautiful to watch''.

''Swans?'' Rita replied. ''Swans are beautiful, I see only dirty, ugly birds''.

The passer by sat down upon the bench next to the two girls.

''I see nothing but blue skies, and beautiful swans'' He said.

Macy and Rita looked at each other. Although strangers, they had one thing in common - they were certain this guy was crazy.

''Now, now, I know you're thinking.'' The passer by intervened their thoughts. ''You're thinking I'm crazy right? But see, faith is the substance of hope, the evidence of things not seen''.

''Huh?'' Macy asked puzzled. ''The sky is grey''.

''And the ducklings are ugly.'' Rita pointed to the pond.

The passer by paused.

''I see that which is not before me, but that which is to come. The skies will be blue once the storm passes.

He stood and faced them. His face glowed.

''Though the clouds may seem to dominate,'' he continued, ''the sun will eventually break through. And as for these 'ugly' ducklings...the intention was not for them to remain so, rather a process. For they will grow to be as beautiful as they were intended.''

''Have a good day'', He smiled and walked away.

Macy turned to Rita.

''You know, I do see a little blue in the sky up there now that he mentioned it''. She mused.

''And those fleet of ducklings are being lead by a beautiful swan, no doubt they will follow suit?'' Rita replied.

How dark is your cloud? How heavy is the rain that falls on you? There shall be brighter days, and brighter tomorrows.

How unworthy do you feel, ugly, and unmentionable? The time will come, when you too will shine. Just at the sun shall shine through those dark heavy clouds and those ugly ducklings shall become swans.

Do you believe it?

Everything is made beautiful in its time.