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Friday, 3 September 2010

All That Glitters

''Mum look'' Ray cried. ''Look at the beautiful birds, they fly so quickly''. Ray pointed to the sky. His jeans were torn, his shoelaces untied.

''Yes Darling,'' Kat was frantic. ''Wonderful''. She was absent minded as she admired her newly manicured nails.

Kat heard her Mother's voice in her head. ''Pay attention to the boy Kat''.

Where had it gone? It was there a moment ago, and when she held up her hand to admire it, it was no longer there.

''I think I need a smaller size,'' she had mused, flicking her hair out of her face admiring her diamond ring set in a gold platinum. ''It seems a little loose''.

''Mum look''. Ray cried invading her thoughts. ''There's a rainbow''. He pointed at the blue sky above. ''One day I'll get you a gift wrapped in multi coloured ribbons''. His hair was dirty and unkempt.

Her Mother's voice came through her thoughts again. ''Pay attention to the boy Kat''.

'Yes Ray'', Kat grabbed his hand. 'Beautiful rainbow. Wonderful gift''. Her 6 inch heels clicked on the ground as she strode along.

She'd been out on a shopping spree. ''Pick up my things for me Ray.'' Kat pointed at her bags as she searched all around.

Her thoughts were elsewhere as she looked high and low. In the playground park, out on the street, re-tracing every step.

Where in the world was it? Her heart beat fast as she thought of the loss. She glanced at her expensive watch and smeared on her lipstick.

''Ray, please, could you help Mummy find her ring? It's the most important thing right now.'' Kat pulled Ray along. ''She's lost it, have you seen it?''.

Ray pulled his coat closer to him, he was cold and shivering.

She ran to and fro, asking around. Sweet shop keepers nodded no, ''Sorry love''.

Butchers were busy selling the latest piece of meat. ''Sorry, no''.

The homeless man replied ''No, but could you spare some change please?''.

Kat dragged Ray along as he pulled at her coat tail.

''Mum look''. He said, his eyes welled with tears as he held out his hand.

''Not now Ray, I have more important things to think about!''.

Back at home Kat raved on the phone to her Mother.

''I don't know, Mum, I told you, it was there one moment, and then the next, it had disappeared''.

''Mum look'' Ray patted her thigh, holding out his hand. His lips were blue, his tiny body shook.

''Ray please! I am on the phone. Make yourself a hot drink and go to bed!'' Kat's voice was sharp.

''You know, you should take it easy on him'' Her Mother said softly. ''Take some time out for him. Pay attention to the boy''.

''Yes, OK Mum. Off course.'' Kat paced up and down, looking under the couch, out on the balcony, behind the curtains.

She threw back her duvet and found nothing. She sighed, exasperated, running her fingers through her hair.

She hear a sudden crash and Ray scream.

''Mum!!'' He called.

She found him unconscious, milk all over the kitchen floor. His body was cold. Kat looked at his torn jeans, untied shoe laces, unkempt hair, dirty face, and touched his cold blue lips.

''Somebody help me!" She cried.

At the hospital the Doctor was sympathetic, he consoled Kat in a hug.

"I'm sorry''. He shook his head. ''Meningitis. There was nothing we could do''.

''No!!" Kat howled.

Back at home, Kat fell to her knees. Her hair was messy, face tear stained, mis-matched clothes thrown on at her rush to the hospital.

''Please forgive me.'' She cried to open air. She called her Mother. ''Mama, you were right. I should have paid more attention'', she whispered, heart broken, tears rolling down her face, the phone fell from her hand.

She walked bleary eyed into Ray's room, and sat on his bed.

She looked around his room, pale, tear streaked face. She glimpsed something shiny from his bedside table. A note and a gift wrapped in multi coloured ribbons.

She picked up the note. ''Mama Look... I got you a gift''. It read. ''I found it in the park and I tried to tell you, but you were too busy. Even though I didn't feel too good, I wanted to help you because you were the most important thing to me...and I knew this was the most important thing to you''.

She unwrapped it to find a beautiful diamond set in a gold platinum ring.

Kat closed her eyes and wept.