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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Who Ate All The Olives?

Yesterday, I went over to my colleagues desk to see if he fancied going to the canteen, but he'd already been. He was raving on about how there was new management and to testify, he held up his salad pot freshly filled with olives.

This was the highlight of my day so far. How better can it get than olives at the salad bar in the staff canteen? I had missed the lunch time opening hours so was resigned to wait until the next day to try out the new additions.

So, understandably, I had been looking forward to this all day. Waiting for noon to hit so I could make my daily visit to the staff canteen and fill up. I loved the salad bar. There was such a variety to chose from. Curried chickpeas, beetroot, sweetcorn, mint cubed cucumbers and so much more - plus the new addition.

I looked at the time and it was fifteen minutes past noon. I rushed down to the canteen and looked eagerly for the olives I had heard much about. I was baffled when I couldn't see them anywhere. I glimpsed an empty bowl that left tell tale signs. An empty bowl save for a lone silver spoon. I picked up the spoon and scooped, only to retrieve some balsamic vinegar and two squashed olives. Clearly disappointed, I filled my container with the usual and returned back to my floor.

I went over to my colleague to express my disappointment. On his desk there two huge pots of salad filled with a few bits and bobs, and to my surprise what seemed to be the whole of the olives that had left the bowl empty.

'You greedy pig!' I screamed. 'You took all the olives! It was you!'

He was wide eyed and speechless and begrudgingly allowed me three black olives from one of his pots and three green ones from the other. I couldn't believe it! We had a laugh about it anyway, especially when he relayed how in his excitement to fill his salad pot, he had made quite a mess.

'There were olives everywhere!' He screeched, 'They were flying all over the place!'.

We both chuckled at the picture. I couldn't stay mad at him long anyway - when he had finished his lunch he relayed he was feeling rather ill. Holding his stomach he moaned 'I should have given you more than six, I think I ate too many olives'.....