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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Knock, Knock, Knock

The little boy knocked on the the door of his next door neighbor. He bit the nail from his forefinger and chewed on it viciously.

Knock, knock, knock.

''Yes, can I help you dear?'' a women with a warm face looked him up and down, then smiled back at him from the open door way.

''Yes'', the little boy replied. ''Is Marcus home please?''.

The warm face disappeared and a little while later, a neat and trim looking blonde haired boy appeared at the door. He stood with his hands in the pocket of his blazer and his chest puffed out.

''Oh it's you''. Marcus's face twisted into a sneer. He stared at the boy's scruffy hair and untied shoelaces and chewed fingernails.

''Um, I was wondering if you could help me please'' the little boy replied. ''I heard you're the best when it comes to fixing broken toy cars''. He held out his toy car, with bits and pieces in his hands.

The little boy sat in the middle of his front room fiddling with his toys.

''Are you ok son?'' his mother asked. ''Didn't you go over to get Marcus to help you with that?''.

''I did'' the little boy replied. ''But he slammed the door in my face''.

''Go over there tomorrow, maybe he was busy'' the little boys mother hugged him close.

The next day, the little boy went knocking at his neighbour's door again. He chewed on his nails again relishing his comfort.

Knock, knock, knock.

He waited for Marcus to appear. He was presented with a high raised eyebrow and then a warm smile from the woman that opened the door, then a sneer for a smile from Marcus when he appeared.

''What's wrong son?'' the little boy's mother asked as she saw her son fiddling with his broken toy.

''He did it again'' her son replied. I guess the door may be able to help me''?

''Don't give up son'' his mother replied. ''Go try again''.

The next day, the little boy stood at his neighbour's doorstep. He twiddled his fingers together and held out his broken toy when the door was opened in response to his knocking. Again, he was met with a look and then a smile from the stranger, then a sneer from Marcus.

The little boy did the same thing for 10 whole days, and each day he got the same response...until...at last...

''Oh for goodness sake!'' Marcus exclaimed. ''Here, I'll help you. If not, you'll never leave me alone will you?''

Have you knocked at a door and felt like there was no answer. You're rap rap rapping only left your knuckles sore? Have you felt that you were less than what you were because of the way some body viewed or looked at you, because you thought you weren't even worthy to knock on that door?

Persistence and perseverance will get you somewhere. Someone, at some point is bound to hear you knocking.

So don't give in, don't give up, just keep on! - Thank God that He has ears.

Luke 11: 5-10