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Friday, 22 July 2011

I Never Did Mind About The Little Things...

I never did mind being the one that happened to get splashed by the huge puddle on the side of the road that everyone tried to avoid

I never did mind craving a hot cup of tea, only to find someone had left an empty carton of milk in the fridge

I never did mind that I had to end up with the last dry bits from an overly abused toothpaste tube meaning I had to brush with mouthwash

I never did mind when the weather report said it would be sunny, only to have to return home with frizzy hair and rain soaked clothes

I never did mind that whenever I painted my nails I would inevitably find a smudge on them at some point

I never did mind reading an amazing book only to find the last page missing

I never did mind getting ready to watch a movie only to find someone had leaked the ending on facebook

I never did mind looking forward to watching my favourite TV programme, only to find I had the times wrong and I had missed it

I never did mind about craving a chocolate biscuit, only to be met with crumbs left in the tin

I never did mind storing my lunch in the office fridge, only to find that at lunch time it had gone awol

I never did mind being on a crowded train and being the one someone sneezed on without covering their mouth

I never did mind sitting on a bus craving peace and quiet only to hear an MP3 player being played ridiculously loud in the back

I never did mind going into a public toilet only to find that the flush didn't work

I never did mind having to stand in the queue at a supermarket for longer than necessary, only to find when being next in line, the cashier put up the 'lane closed' sign

I never did mind sharing an intimate meal with someone over lunch/dinner, whilst they happily engaged in chewing with their mouths open

I never did mind missing my train stop and having to not simply cross over to the next, but go over and under to find the opposite platform

I never did mind indulging in some junk food only to find the food was cold and dry and exactly what was to be expected

I never did mind running out to the corner shop for something specific only to come back with a bag load full of things minus the specific

I never did mind about the days that I attempted a fast, and even the pavement looked appetising

I never did mind queuing at the cash machine for over ten minutes only to find when it was my turn, that there was no cash left...

I never did mind waiting at the post office for over half an hour to send off some forms only to find that I was missing information and had to go back home and search for the necessary and have to queue up all over again

I never did mind waiting on the phone for my mobile phone customer services for 20 minutes listening to repeated music, only to get get cut off the moment someone answered

I never did mind being bounced from one call centre helper to the next only to be redirected to their automated services when in fact I needed human help

I never did mind sitting in the cinema watching a movie only to have the back of my seat kicked rhythmically and having to endure the rustling of popcorn being eaten....

I never did mind enduring the drops of spittle that flew on my face from the one that was talking animatedly to me, and wondering if they would notice me wiping my face

No, I never did mind about the little things....