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Fast Rain Good

I was getting ready to go out today to pick up some bits and bobs, and was trying to decide whether I would need a jacket. The morning had some bright sunshine, but getting into the early afternoon, I could slowly see a few grey skies looming ahead. I stepped out onto the veranda, and it felt relatively warm, so I decided against it and equipped myself with an umbrella instead. I was hoping it wouldn't rain, as it wasn't the best weather I liked to welcome.

I was having one of those moments where I was in a battlefield with my mind. For some reason I kept getting these weapons of accusations coming at me. I prayed, read the word and felt encouraged that the good Lord above was with me and morning by morning new mercies we see.

Up and about in Bloomsbury, the Brunswick Centre had an eclectic mix of foods at the market that had been set out. I sampled some meatballs in tomato Sauce mexican style, Chicken Satay courtesy of China and some felafel from Turkey. I bought some necessaries from Superdrug and went on my way. As I was walking, I saw the street cleaners doing their job, sweeping away at the roadside, a man that owned a fish and chip shop was pouring buckets of water outside the front of his shop, then mopping it up. I was sure I felt a raindrop earlier, and to confirm this, the rain began to spit. Within ten minutes, the rain was coming down hard and fast. I was thankful that I had brought my umbrella after all.

After going into Tesco with the aim of buying one thing, was annoyed that the one thing that I had intended for had accumulated to a bag of more than that, and the bulk of it kept hitting the side of my leg as I walked and kept making me buckle. I wasn't the happiest of gals as I struggled to keep my umbrella up, juggle the bags of more than I intended and escape being sprayed with untold amounts of rain water by passing cars, whilst trying to walk in a decent manner. In a local newsagent, I remarked to the shopkeeper what wonderful weather we were having. He nodded in agreement, not realising I was actually meaning the contrary.

'Fast rain good, slow rain bad', He said, 'when the rain is hard and fast like this, the streets are so clean, and everything nice. All dirt is now wash away because the rain come down and clean it all away. The earth take water and drink to grow. Fast rain good'.

At his words, I peered outside from my temporary place of shelter and realised that he was right. The streets were looking very clean, and it seemed as if the downpour had one purpose in mind as the rain came furiously down – unrelenting in its pursuit to clean. It made me think of Jesus, and how His blood cleansed us from our sins. Whilst we were sinners, Christ died for us. Whilst the streets were littered with rubbish and all manner of stains and dirt, the rain came down and washed it all away. I thought back to the street cleaner and the man with the mop, I'm sure they would have been grateful that would have taken them hours in labour to complete, the rain had managed to do with such little effort.

I smiled at the shopkeeper and wished him a good day as I left to brave the downpour and make way back home. What he said had me thinking that rain isn't always a bad thing. Aside from the downside that it leaves the hair frizzy - if you have any at all -and brings to your attention that your favourite boots have holes in them as you feel the rainwater grace your socks with its unwanted presence, its purpose is beneficial. This also took me back to the battle that had been going on in my mind that morning, and I was reminded that the grace of God, and the precious blood of Jesus, like the rain, wipes away all things bad in our lives and brings about new things. There is nothing like the grace of God, and I'm sure the streets and earth agree that there is nothing like the cleansing and rejuvenating down pour of rain.

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