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Friday, 19 November 2010

Moola and Kaye

Moola and Kaye stared at the strange being that lay before them. There the being lay on a long stretch of a cold metal bed.

''We cannot have her here for long Kaye'' Moola said sternly. ''Any prolonged absence that is longer than necessary may surely stir up some sort of conundrum''.

''Co-nun-drum?'' Kaye asked, swirling the newly accustomed syllables around in her mouth.

''Yes,'' Moola replied looking down at the dictionary in his hand. ''And this being here that lays before us, is what these so called human beans look like in the flesh''.

''I think you mean human beings' Kaye giggled.

''Yes, that's what I said you silly thing'' Moola retorted huffily. Inside their capsule, there was a kaleidoscope of colours and gadgets. He busied himself with connecting various gadgets to each other, then connected them to the girl that lay on the cold metal bed.

Moola connected two pods to the sides of Kaye's head, as well as his, then tapped the air in front of him with his finger. Instantly there appeared a screen which began to play various stages from the life of the girl that lay ahead.

''Maybe we can learn a little about these beans from this'' Moola said.

''Be-ings'' Kaye said playfully.

Moola and Kaye stared at the screen, their big orb eyes were wide and receptive, taking in all that they saw.

''What's that?'' Kaye asked. She pointed to the see-through liquid that ran down the girls face as she knelt before a coffin.

''That is called...tears''. Moola replied. He looked down at the book in his hand and turned it around speculating it. ''Yes, this book says, the name of this clear liquid is known as tears. It can appear because of acute sadness, and at times acute joy as emotions run wide, mostly in women...''

Kaye stared at the screen and saw the tears running down the girl's face.

''And this?'' Kaye asked. She observed something else as she saw the girl's face take on a particular shape.

Moola pulled the two corners of his mouth upwards and grimaced. ''This is a... smile, apparently''.

Kaye followed suit and pulled the two corners of her mouth up in a forced smile.

''Sch-mile'' Kaye said through a tightened face, fingers in her mouth. ''Ow, it hurts'' she said.

''Yes, when it's done that way, and so forcibly, I would agree it is rather uncomfortable.'' Moola said wryly.

The corners of Kaye's face twitched as she tried to smile without any help.

''What are you doing Kaye''? Moola asked. ''Surely you must know you look absolutely ridiculous''.

''You are, you are...a big...'' Kaye grabbed the dictionary from Moola's hands and scanned through it, ''...a big bah humbug!''

Moola sat smug, glad that he had accomplished what he had wanted.

They both stared at the screen as the girl smiled and sang, twirling ribbons around her and popping balloons.

Kaye twirled around trying to copy the girl in a somewhat awkward fashion.

''This is happiness apparently'' Moola said.

''And now this?'' Kaye pointed at the image ahead.

The screen showed the girl throwing things around her room and screaming with more tears.

''Apparently, when these beans...''

''Be-ings Moola!' Kaye interrupted.

''Yes, when these beeee-ings'' Moola over pronounced the word ''don't get their own way, they display extreme bouts of...um...extreme actions. She is apparently angry''.

''A-ha'' Kaye said enlightened. ''She is a lot like you at times Moola''. She smirked and blinked innocent wide orb eyes back at Moola as he stared back at her intently.

He chose to say nothing.

They stared back at the screen, as the girl hugged and greeted various people. She was dressed in a white flowing gown with a long veil covering her face.

''Now this?'' Kaye asked.

''Apparently...affection'' Moola replied. ''Some very strange thing where the beans'' he faltered and quickly looked sideways at Kaye, ''The beee-ings,'' He emphasised, ''Express heightened emotions of affection where there is love and happiness and a genuine care for one another. This is also expressed through embracing one another, otherwise known as 'hugging' ''.

Kaye took a step back, with her wide eyed orb shaped eyes, she stared at Moola. She took a step forward, did an awkward jig, and placed her arms around Moola's shoulder and patted his head.

''Affection''. Kaye said. ''Ah-fec-shun''.

''Err, ok'' Moola shrugged her off as he frowned.

''And this is 'sleep' '' he said clearing his throat and quickly turning back to the screen. They stared at the girl from the screen, eyes closed, wrapped up in bed fast asleep.

''Sleep''. Kaye repeated. ''Sa-leeep''.

She stared at the figure ahead of her. She walked over and leaned in close. She looked at the body that lay before her, eyes closed, lips unknowingly upturned.

''She is asleep''. Kaye turned to Moola as she pointed to the girl. ''And she is smiling''.

''Yes,'' Moola replied ''And it is now time for her to go back''.

''But I like her.'' Kaye replied. ''She has taught me so much''.

Moola pointed at the girl and immediately her body disappeared from the stretcher ahead.

"Where is she now?'' Kaye asked Moola.

Moola pointed, back to the screen. There the girl lay back in her bed, wrapped up, with a smile on her face.

Kaye turned to Moola as a tear slowly ran down her face.

''Kaye!'' Moola exclaimed slowly touching the clear liquid that ran down her face. ''You are picking up the emotions from these beans! Don't worry, we can pick another one tomorrow.''

Moola gazed at Kaye, his expression softened as he leaned in close and put his arms awkwardly around her, his face twitching as the corners of his mouth slowly turned upwards. ''She has taught me a lot too you know...''

''Will she be alright? Kaye asked, returning Moola's hug. The girl, had definitely made an impact.

''To her,'' Moola said, ''This would have all been a dream.''


The girl woke up startled in her bed. She shook her husband awake.

''What is it?'' he asked groggily.

'Honey,'' She said, '''I just had the strangest dream...''