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Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Moment of Insanity

It was because of a moment of insanity.

There had to be no other explanation. Well known as being the quiet type, never to hurt a fly.

Why though?

It was simply a moment of insanity.

Stress, some would say. Demands of a heavy work load, the need to have to compete and please and stay one step ahead of the game.

Can you explain?

It was a moment of insanity, I said.

For off course, the ways of life could easily demand to support solitude and contentment rather than having to enjoy.

Yes, but why?

It was just a moment of insanity.

The loneliness of one that craved the companionship of another.

OK...give an analogy. May help to make one understand.

It was only...a moment...of insanity. Gritted teeth, fingernails grating the table.

Like the white bread toasted mornings with a cold cup of black tea. The mortgage didn't leave enough to allow for wholemeal, brown sugar, hot water and milk, ok?

Ok, ok, calm down...So it was?

Yes...Simply a moment of insanity.

The need to be more than, but less than intended.

It was a moment of insanity.

The endless moments of the insane insanity of the mundane life of one less than ordinary that only highlighted insanity.

So, that was it then?

Yes. It was. Just a moment of insanity.

One that lead another to lovingly stroke the cat and then throw it into a wheelie bin.