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Monday, 13 September 2010

Thank You!

Hi All!

I just wanted to extend some thanks over to you for taking the time to read my blog.

It pleases me to know that I can share a little bit of what I love with others. Some of you have stumbled upon the various pages, others have intentionally entered in.

I hope the stories do make impact. Some are purely for fun, to invoke some laughter, and some inspirational and thought provoking. My earlier posts are simple anecdotes from my day to day life encounters and memories.

Either way, keep reading, and keep enjoying and ta very much for the visits!

Miss Dramani x

A Simple Revelation

Indeed it is said of him by many that he is wonderful and great
He smiles and is resolute

He bows, shakes hands and greets a multitude of people
He is highly esteemed, well known for all he achieves
His works tell the tale of his impressive disposition
He is the epitome of the one who is the ideal candidate for praise

He represents the one who is comfortable being part of an association
The need to adapt and belong, disassociates him from the true foundation
For even though his voice is lifted high above in the secret place
It is in the hope to see an effect of his presence wherever he may go

He dismisses the fact the Great and Majestic One looks into the sinews of his heart
Focusing only on the reality of his efforts and accomplishments, his degrees and Phd's
He places the Majestic One a little lower than his counterparts
That is all that matters to him

He lives in a world where the true foundation, by his standards, does not relate
Therefore he defaults and takes matters into his own hands
Those closest to him he has no thought of
His words are bitter, harsh and unloving and crude

Yet in a moment, there are those who he feels a great need to please
So he runs to and fro and performs an open opera of great indignation
His pillow is familiar with the damp stains, made from tears that sting hot within his eyes
As he realises there is a void that needs to be filled

The mockery of relying on his own efforts by the means of affiliation and works
The emptiness and the validity of his need to be accepted
Only allows him to see the frugality of his own efforts
Bringing him back to the heart of faith without reasoning

To the core of trust without questioning
Service alongside anonymity
A total abandonment of self will
Simply brings him back to know the Father heart of God