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Friday, 13 August 2010

Missing In Action

You wanna highlight my mistakes? Sure green Stabillo please
I try to highlight yours, you say your ink's done. Please
So many MIA, Missing in Action, please
Because we judge each other instead of living in peace
Ain't nothing wrong in telling me that I ain't doing right, see
Just as long as your reflection is not me you see...

Too many, so many times so many fall on their knees
Not begging Him for forgiveness, but begging man to please
See that the inner enemy is tryna to be set free
But instead of seeking Him, it was the man to please
But for the lack of knowledge, the soul was perishing

And now their deeds are underlined stabilo boss in pink, please
No need to hide, feel embarrassed, just saying please
Know that man is not the one to cover you in red, please
Just turn your eyes to Him and let His blood cover you, please

Hear a knock on the door, and men in uniform we see
Telling us, we're sought after for some deep major transgressions, please
No need to buy into the lie, for Jesus paid it see,
Ain't nothing you could ever do, have done, that He cannot retrieve
You know what? Run ahead, run along and do as you please
But If you fell and tripped and broke a leg, just know that please
Its the same red flow we rejected,that will unleash us free

Whether you wanted it or you didn't, redemption's a done deed
Its not the fear of God that drives one to seek to please
Its the grace of God and the unashamed love that He pleads...

For you.

POW. MIA. You are not forgotten. x