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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Odds and Evens

'Right', Micah said turning to Kyla. 'Here I have a ball of wet tissue'.

She squidged the wet mass in her hand. 'I'm going to throw this up into the air...If it falls in a messy ball, the answer is yes. If it falls in a neat little bundle the answer is no'.

Micah threw the wet messy ball of tissue up into the air and after a few seconds it fell back onto the floor into a messy bundle.

'There!' she cried pointing to the wet mass. 'The answer is yes!! Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus! I knew I would get a yes!'. She was ecstatic.

'Ok, ok, now' Kyla said. 'That was absolutely ridiculous. What kind of odds was that?'

'What???' Micah answered. 'That was totally legit'.

'It was always going to be a messy ball!' Kyla replied. 'The tissue was always going to fall, and you were bound to get a 'yes'! She sighed.

Ok, here's how it goes' Kyla continued. 'We throw up this mass of wet tissue. If it falls back to the ground, it's a yes. If it DOESN'T, it's a no'.

'Well, what kind of crazy odds, is that?' Micah laughed. She really wanted a yes. She knew she would get it. 'We know what the obvious will be...we know the laws of gravity! We saw what just happened! OK, you have a deal!' she agreed.

Kyla threw the wet mass into the air, and they waited.

They waited.

And waited and waited.

'Well, what do you know?' Kyla and Micah looked up to the sky, puzzled. 'It didn't even fall back down'.

They heard a loud cawing sound in the distance as they saw a bird fly past them, wings flapping hard, obviously wanting to be seen. In it's beak was the wet bundled mess of odds and evens that never fell to the ground.


Sometimes what we ask for is on our terms only with no room for anything but what we want. We can manipulate a situation to make sure it ends our way...Fleece God like Gideon, but have you ever thought of really letting go and seeing whether there may be room for anything else? To see what God really has for you?

There are odds and evens, and there is faith. Throw up that wet bundle of tissue, see what answer you get....It may not be what you want to hear though.


Micah's answer was a no...temporarily, even though she was after a yes right away. In due course, she received her yes, through faith...application through prayer...and then the manifestation....and all that after some lessons learned. Delay wasn't denial. The bird in the end couldn't digest all that wet mass of paper. He had to cough it up at some point...and God remained faithful.