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Saturday, 11 September 2010

You Will Not Walk Alone

Dark stood before him, surrounded by folds of anger that exuded acrimonious tones of bitterness and evil intent.

Light stood tall, resplendent in all His glory, glimmers and rays of wonder surrounded Him.

He drew forth Hsword and took a step toward Dark. He lunged forth and began to run as He cried.

''She will not walk alone!''


''Father, I pray,'' the old woman bowed down on her knees. ''In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray, ''she will not walk alone''.


Mona hurried along aware that it was late and it was dark. She wrapped her coat tightly around her exhaling as her breath hit the cold winter air.

She sensed that something was different, unsure of what it was she began to jog, eager to get back inside the warmth and security of her home.


Dark retaliated and called forth his army. They stood leering , jeering, cajoling and ready to fight.

He who was encased in light opened His mouth and spoke forth a word as He again drew forth His sword.

''She will not walk alone.'' He said.

He swiped His sword, and the battle commenced.


On her knees she remained. The old woman's mouth barely open as her lips moved rapidly. Silently soft words escaped from her mouth.

''She will not walk alone.''

Mona saw the figure from the corner of her eye. She turned and saw him step back into the shadows. Along the alleyway she began to run, her heels clicking, echoing the desperation and urgency all around her.

''Dear Lord'' She cried. ''I will not walk alone.''


The old woman rose up from her knees and knew the urgent prayer for her daughter's protection had been heard.


The one encased in darkness withdrew as he realised he was no match for the one who exuded total and majestic power. The will of God had been fulfilled.


Back at home Mona watched the news of the man who was lead away in handcuffs. She was saddened to know that there was another who had met an untimely end. He had been caught in the same alleyway she had been on. She called the police to identify, she had seen the murderer lurking in the dark.

''Why?'' she asked, as he brushed past her in court. Life was his sentence. ''Why did you not attack me?''.

''Because you were not alone.'' the man responded. ''A tall tall man was walking by your side''.


An adaptation