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Monday, 20 September 2010

The C Word

I am that who has been assigned to consume your very being.

If you are deaf, you will hear me

I will devour you from your inner core first, then outwards

If you are blind, you will see me

Suppressing your right to be free

You will be a slave to me, and bow at my very command

As I infiltrate your very being, annihilation will be my attempt

I will rip you of your dignity and your right to live as that which you were called

The world today says image is everything, I will highlight that deception

By making you stare in the mirror and make you only see the emptiness of the window to your soul

As synthetic add on's and kohl pencils can only help to maintain your self esteem

You will cower and hide behind a make believe smile said to portray courage

That which I am, the word which you hate to utter, the thing I am which you must accept

I will assume the right to reign in you as you simply weaken at my demands

I was not made to control you! Yet, I so easily am able

You will fight with weapons that only weaken your defense in the aim to overcome that which is me

I will make you begin to seek after a purpose in the hope of attaining one

I will at least draw you close to those close to you of whom you long dismissed

The need to love and show love to those around you

And you say I am of no use?

I will make you cry, and hurt, bringing you to your knees in desolation

I roar, and laugh at your sought after advice

That which you inject inside yourself, will weaken you and make me strong

Only sometimes off course.

I am humble enough to admit that sometimes I lose

But that which I do not accomplish in your potluck victory

Overall, I have you. I show myself strong to you

Yet you are weak in trying to find a cure for my zealous audacity

Who am I? you ask?

I am cancer.


I read more and more about cancer, the battles people have waged over it, testimonies of survivors, solemn stories of people who have lost loved ones to cancer, ways to prevent it, and I am thankful that there has been a lobby to keep the illness on the agenda making the public aware of it.

I witnessed the disease debilitate and literally eat away at two fully grown once healthy men I knew. Before then, I never really understood the full impact of what the effects of cancer were. Off course I knew it took the lives of many, but the way in which it does is shocking and unbelievable.

Jade Goody also took the awareness of cancer to the next level after falling terminally ill from the disease and prompting many to take in the seriousness of the disease.

I pray that there will one day be a cure for cancer, and that lives will no longer be subject to this disease.