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Monday, 23 May 2011

If There Is A God, Then Why?...

Once out evangelising, on a bright sunny day, a friend and I were talking to this man about Christianity and God and salvation. He asked, "Why if there is a God, that there is so much suffering...and bad things happening around the world?"

I asked if He blamed God for all the suffering in the world, he replied "Yes".

I asked if he had kids, he said "Yes".

I said: "If your child had cancer and lay in bed with tubes running out his body...and he blamed you...would that make sense?"

The man replied "no".

I said: "If your child were to become the worlds most hated figure such as say Hitler, who instilled so much hate and fear and mass destruction, and the taking of human lives to no avail, would you be to blame?" He replied "no".

Then I asked...."So why do you blame God for something, that if you were in the same situation would not be your fault...that you would have to take blame for?"

He said, "my child has not been well, actually for a while. And I want to be the best Father I can be."

"Your child may be asking you the same question" I said, "He may say 'Daddy, won't you help me?', and as you are unable to bring a solution, it would be fine for them to display hate and unbelief towards you...Go on then, why don't you intervene? Go make your child well"

He was silent. For a long time.

"It just doesn't make sense" he said.

Man so wants to be able to stand astute in being the maker of big machines, and all things wonderful, and aptly accessible, so if he can take that appraise, then let him, in the face of the hard times also take praise for that...

The same questions that he had to face were the same that we present to God, yet we forget He is the one with the whole world in His hands, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

The man who had so many questions, on that bright sunny day, glory to God gave his life to Christ...

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