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Thursday, 2 September 2010


'I am Supergirl, I can do this' she said to herself as she tripped over her left foot.

She could hear the footsteps quickly approaching.

She closed her eyes and tried to remember her Mama's words.

'You can do this' her Mama had said having found her in the crater after the meteorite had collided. She had amazing strength and power.

'It doesn't matter that she lacks intelligence and common sense Dan' her Mama had reassured her husband later on. 'She is beautiful and strong and she will be like Clark Kent. She will be Supergirl'.

'I can do this' she said. She squinted her eyes as a red laser beam shot out obliterating the wall in front of her. She stumbled over the debris and fell, stunned, she spat dust out of her mouth. She was met with a door. One staunch punch, and the door fell through. Rubbing her knuckles, and her knees, she was met with stairs running into her feet. She ran down them, and saw the exit sign in a mirror.

She turned in the opposite direction and ran. Now where is the exit? she mused.

Pausing to put on some lipstick and brush her hair, she was interrupted by the sound of hurried footsteps, she looked around, frantic.

She saw a sliver of light and ran to escape. Finger pointed straight ahead she shot out a stretch of stringy rubbery residue which went no further than an inch. Kicking the dismal residue, she limped to the light and jumped high and reached up clinging to an edge. She peered over and saw a glass shield. About to break it open she saw the sign that said 'Bull dog beyond, enter at your peril'. She gazed down at her already chipped newly manicured fingernails and decided against any further damage.

Falling back into a sea of clutter that broke her fall, she kicked boxes and junk from her and brushed her hair from her eyes.

'Mama said there would be days like this' she muttered.

She stood up tall and swiped her cape around her ready to face her assailant, ready to save the world.

'I am Supergirl'. She twirled, arm punched up into the air, hand on hip.

Her assailant reached her, stopped, then sneered. He laughed as he lumbered towards her.

'Mama!!!!' She cried turning and running away full speed towards the bull dog.

CNN BREAKING NEWS: Girl with superhuman powers is chased by burly assailant.

'It's a learning curve Dan', Her Mama said patting her husbands hand and gazing at their daughters debut on the news. 'She'll get it one day. She'll get it one day'.