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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Happy Anniversary!

A regular visitor to this blog reminded me only today, that it has been a year today since All Day Everyday Talk has been up and running - I myself was unaware! I am so thankful that I have managed to sustain regular blog's since it's birth, with the exception of some temporary silent periods.

I remember pondering with a work colleague whether there would be any point writing a blog, what would the purpose be? The aim was just to write my thoughts down on electronic paper, and along the way stories and anecdotes emerged. I am glad to say that I have had many positive feedback about the blog, and so I am assured that many have been blessed, and have enjoyed!

I am thankful to everyone that has visited this blog and commented on various pieces giving insight along the way, whether your presence was accidental, or purposeful, I hope that you will continue to visit!

Thank you to Gospel Girl, Jaycee and Isi for being regular visitors, your comments and insight has been much appreciated!

Happy Birthday to All Day Everyday Talk!

Miss Dramani


  1. On behalf of Blogosphere and
    blog-readers the world over, we say, Happy Birthday to Miss Dramani's -
    All Day EveryDay Talk blog.
    We wish you and your readers many, many more, fruitful years of Exciting and Inspirational bloging.
    Keep Talking!
    Keep Bloging!
    NB! we're popping the
    viral-champagne here at
    Global Blogosphere :)
    Isi & Nana Yaw.

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary Miss D. Woop Woop!!! :)