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Sunday, 5 September 2010

An Abyss Of Inertia

She lay backwards in a charcoal abyss of inertia. Silence was golden as the quiet waves of the vacuum invaded her mind.

In contrast, the warmth enclosure of her inner sanctuary attempted to contradict the cold waves of the ever pursuing external intrusion.

She grieved as she turned one way, and the other. Insurmountable waves of sensitivity, that which she was unable to describe, but at best experienced as being acute, raw, deep and severe.

Cold jaws of strength with permission to enter infiltrated her place of torment. Gripping, gnawing, grabbing, all the while only enhancing her need to be released.

She cried out as the darkness threatened to consume her total being as fractals of light exposed her extreme displeasure, seemingly fighting, both in and out of one and the other.

From the abyss to the fractals, the consuming darkness to the exuding light.

She whimpered, unable to do much else as that which was within her was bound by restrictions.

Waves, upon waves of sudden bolts of unfamiliarity. Shock waves of first time encounters that provoked further cries.

A surge of strength, the golden silence was invaded by reverberations of only what she knew to be silence in its newest form. Silence enhanced with external echoes of alien sounds and cries from the outward.

Invasions of the alien unknown permitted her to become accustomed to mirroring the same.

A new sensation, still wrapped in the deep dark eclipse of all that she knew, a gentle touch upon her crown.

Still the battle raged, as the walls surrounding her fought a war to gain an expected end. She clawed at the surface of her incarceration as the movement that followed threatened to expel.

A sudden retreat within herself by no choice of her own, and the surge of the outer source, her land of void was met with a plethora of desires no longer wishing the inertia to exist.

A sea of light. A new world.

Her eyes remained closed, consumed with thoughts unexplainable.

The golden silence was penetrated with sounds of gladness and joy.

A soft thud. An obtrusion within her mouth channel to remove the residue left by her travels. Out came a loud piercing cry.

On her part, the trauma left her consumed with distress as her deep lamentations told the story of her journey from within.

She was placed upon a soft warm surface, a place she instinctively knew was hers to assume.

She smiled her first smile forgetting the distress as she lay upon her mothers chest.

She, the new baby had just been born.