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Friday, 27 May 2011

No To Stalkers!

Bullies. Intimidators, yellow-bellied cowards.

Don't you just abhor them?

You may think my words are harsh, but even Jesus Himself displayed righteous indignation in the face of those that used the Temple for their own gain.

It's bad enough to have a bully in your face, on the school playground, at home or at work, on a daily basis - but to have one who chooses to stay anonymous and taunts and belittles you while hiding behind a masquerade of viral comforts can be dis-heartening.

I have experienced a bully physically...or lets call it what it is - a Stalker. His past gifts and presents of fancy perfumes and expensive chocolates whilst hiding in the dark behind a dingy car did not do much to draw me, instead my heart was repelled at the indecency. Especially since my request was for him to relent, and go about his own business, and this he chose to ignore.

But to have someone that watches your every viral move, day in and day out can be a nightmare in its own right. Fastest fingers first tapping away at a keyboard seated on his lap. Encrypting my Twitter account, (which has now been disabled), making me question those that were in fact innocent, hoping to ensnare me in a spider web that his own mind built for his own gratification, only to find himself caught up.

Constant comments on All Day Every day Talk of what could be deemed as encouraging and edifying words under an alias, soon prevailed to unrelenting messages of abusive, vilifying statements, derogatory name calling, false and weird accusations and worrying regurgitation's of one in need of The Physician. The one in question being a so called 'Christian' who is very aware of his calculated motives and evil intentions as he builds a home in the shadow of quoting bible scriptures and lifting up 'holy' hands in some unknown and faraway happy clappy church where he is deemed 'respected'.

Woe be to the one who intentionally chooses to cause havoc and mock God and point their finger in His face, whilst hiding behind holier than thou sayings yet indulging in temporary scare tactics. How strange that the two afore mentioned can be used in the same sentence.

What a shame it is to live in a world that the Lord deemed for good, only to find so much destruction, those with bad intentions set on a catastrophic cause to fulfill their own foolish and folly fantasies.

I am not perfect, do not get me wrong, I often make mistakes, fall and get back up again, and may be foolish enough to readily admit this to whomever I meet, but the one who has premeditated thoughts - sitting in a dark rank room, a face illuminated by the glare of the computer screen, thinking on how to cause damage to another by calculated means leads to some serious cause for intercessory prayer, that the mercy and love of God may be evident to them. Pray for your enemies right? Don't hate them, otherwise how different would you be to love those that are so easily loveable?

Thank God that in a world that may make no sense at times, He has built a support network to annul and eradicate those that are hell bent on choosing their own path and causing injustice to others along the way.

After finding out the identity of this feeble stalker who chose to stay anonymous, lets just say V stands for Victory.

Phew! Enough ranting and raving.

Be blessed in all you do, seeking good and not evil in all things.

Much love,

Miss Dramani