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Thursday, 9 September 2010

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

How was your day honey?'' Her Father asked

''This is what happened'' she said. ''Let me tell you the simple story''


Skipping, dancing prancing, jumping twirling

The flowers in the yellow filled flower meadows stretched mile upon mile upon mile

My smile told of happy moments

Singing,dancing, gleefully content

A buttercup in my hand, I sang

''He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not''

Yellow petals pulled from it's home fluttered into the sky with each lamentation

Holding the flower with one petal left, I screeched

''He loves me, he loves me!''

Pink ribbon in my hair, white cotton summer dress and loose strappy sandals

I was the epitome of all things sweet in a young sweet girl

My friends giggled along with me

''He loves you'' They screeched

I clutched on to my dismal looking flower

Running towards the van that stopped alongside the yellow filled meadows

''Ice-cream time!'' We screamed in unison

Impatiently tapping our feet at the young boy and his girl love in front

''What do you want Baby?'' He crooned, ''Anything for you''

''This one.'' She pointed to the extravagant chocolate tipped cone with promises of sweet vanilla and caramel droppings

''He loves me!'' I trilled holding up my flower

Sun shining down, us sweet young girls smiled and giggled in anticipation of our choice

My smile turned upside down as the young boy and his girl love turned to walk away with their chocolate vanilla caramel delight

Familiar in face, stature and words I stopped him and cried

''You said you loved me! Who then is she?'' My finger pointed at the intruder, waving my one petaled flower in his face in distress

''She's my girl. And what?'' He swaggered

Tears rolled down my face


''Is this what happened to you today sweetheart?'' Her Father consoled her

''What you will not find in another, just know that you will always find it in me.''

Her Father held her close and she smiled and knew that all he said was truth

She would not find in another what she would find in him

She handed him her flower stem, her buttercup with one petal standing

He plucked off the lone ranger and tossed it into the air

She smiled at him and sighed

''He loves me''