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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Falling Leaves




Reds and browns.

Mixed with greens.

Fresh green.

Reds and browns going through the dying process mixed with fresh greens.

Greens affected by the change, soon to change colour also.


Falling reds.

Falling browns.

Falling greens.

Falling from the ones that held them.

Falling reds and browns mixed with falling fresh greens.

Sounding underneath the footsteps.

Reds, browns and greens, crying under the heavy load of heavy footsteps.


The ones that held them, are now naked, in the winter.

After shedding the reds, browns and greens of its leaves.

Dying to itself, yet, still strong and standing.

Naked, waiting, within a rebirth.

In a new birth.

Of fresh new greens.

Only for a time.

Until the reds come falling

And the browns follow suit.

And the greens not ready, yet follow suit. Again.

Another new birth.

A regeneration.

Leaves on a tree.

The tree that held the ones that fell.

Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer runs into Autumn.

And then.

They begin all over again.




Falling reds and browns.

Mixed with greens.

Fresh green.

All over again.