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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ideology Versus Reality

It's a funny world we live in don't you think?

We often base our success, feelings, self worth and present circumstances in conjunction with the world's ideology.

We look in the mirror and we hope to see something different.

We can take the words that somebody has said, we can look at the life that somebody lives, and we say - yes this is what it has to be.

So then we find that we often strive to reach and break through a glass ceiling...that maybe should really never have been there.

So easily, we can look at our lives thus far, and say 'no, this wasn't how it was meant to be'. Or we can look further still and say 'they do it this way, it works, so yes, I will follow'. We can look further still to say 'Oh gosh, I need to fix up'.

Take a simple analogy. I used to hate the way I looked. My body was all wrong, my eyes were too big, I bit my nails, my hair wasn't long enough, my skin wasn't even enough. Everything about me I thought was horrendous. I would often see beauty adverts promoting the need to look a certain way in order to feel that you were 'worth it'. The hair adverts, the skin adverts, the diets adverts...

I wouldn't vocalise it, but my thoughts were 'yes, yes, that is what I want!!'.

Ideology presented itself as being all about how the outside self presented itself, if there was any difference to be made.

Now don't get me wrong, I think keeping oneself groomed is good, after all, our body is a temple, and any girl that is a girl...and any guy that is a guy wants to look good. But problems would always arise because comparisons were being made to this ideal image one was meant to live up to.

Teenage girls crying in their rooms because they were called fat, spotty boys secretly using face creams to clear the problem,attacking their T- Zone (now don't act like that wasn't you), problems arising because the image that was so focused on the outward was to be greatly attained.

All because...the world says so...

So here's a new stance:

Love who you are, no matter what the world says. Love who you are no matter if you fall short of the ideal or the ways of the world....

Who says short hair cant be loved in comparison to the long locks of L'oreal endorsed models, or the faces on a hair relaxer box with the weaves to match?

Who says short stubby nails cant be accepted in place of silicone long wonders added in the beauty nail shop.

Who says extra curvy can't be as attractive, more than the toothpick on a stick on a catwalk?

The world, and it's Ideology, does not define you...!

Only God does!