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Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Small And Humble Army

They gathered their belongings and decided to take action. Some thing had to be done.

They were four men. Hungry, destitute, and desperately in need of food and shelter.

Their lips were non existent, but had they had any, it would have been chapped and whitened from thirst and acute hunger. Their clothes were worn and torn, and their entire being cried for cleansing.

They had been banished from entering any city because there was fear that they would spread their disease.

They remembered the bells that would ring as they would walk through every town. As the bells rang a voice would shout 'unclean! Unclean! Unclean!'.

The sound of the bell was a deterrent to others. Mothers would carry their babes away to shelter. Carpenters would take their work inside. All would hide as the bells rang long and loud, as they took their walk of shame.

'What is going on?' some would cry, ignorant to what was taking place.

'Lepers!' the townsfolk would whisper. 'Lepers are near by!'

''Are you sure this is the best way to go?' One asked. 'Surely they will spot us'.

'Then let them spot us'. Another answered. 'For it is better we die trying than die in defeat. We can enter the city gates and search for food. If we are found, then let the God we serve take care of us once and for all'.

They began to walk through the dreaded heat, slowly but surely to an appointed destination until they reached the gates of the city.


The sound of a thousand horses and twice that could be heard. Troops of men on their horses and chariots along with their weapons were on their way.

'An army!!'' The leader of the camp cried as he heard them. ''There is an army of more than a few thousand men due to come to our city. They will cause havoc and destruction, they are no match for us. We must hide''.

''But Sir'' one trusted man cried, ''we must at least fight!''.

'Are you mad?!'' the Leader roared. 'Did you not hear the words I spoke? Do you not hear them approaching us from still yet afar? They are more than us! We must go! Now! Gather together our things! Let us go!!''

The troupe of the army gathered their belongings and fled.


The four men continued to walk. Slowly, each footstep in front of the other.

'We are getting close' One croaked.


'Quickly you fools!' The leader cried, 'They are getting closer! We must be as far from this place as possible before the army arrives!'


The four lepers sank to their knees and grabbed at the gates.

'We have arrived!' They cried. The gates were open. The four lone men entered in and were astounded to find that there was nobody to be found.

They uncovered their faces and looked around, utterly amazed.

Food and lively hood were all around. They laughed at the abundance, and cried as they ate and drank.

'What do you think made these people leave all this in such a way?' One asked. 'Surely God has been with us and we have surely been blessed'.


2 Kings 7: 3-8

God will make your footsteps sound as if an army is approaching. For if He is for you, then nobody can be against you, and they who are against you, will flee. You who may be small and despised, but the Lord will make you tall and feared in your own right.