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Friday, 20 May 2011

That's Heaven To Me - Sam Cooke

I love the one that is called 'The Man and his Music' - Sam Cooke. He is one of the old soul singers that inspires me the most along with a few others. His mellow sound and touching words, unassuming, clean cut, direct and so full of so much insouciance, and at times melancholy with the ability to mix the two together. Pure genius.


That's Heaven To Me - Sam Cooke

(The things that I see as I walk along the street)
(That's heaven to me)

A little flower that blooms in May
A lovely sunset at the end of a day
Someone helping a stranger along the way
(That's heaven)
That's heaven to me

The feeling I have when I hear a touching prayer
It makes me know the Lord is somewhere
Even the birds flying around in the air
That's heaven to me

It doesn't have to be a miracle in order for me to see
I know the goodness of my
My Saviour is everywhere to me

Even the children playing in the street
Saying a friendly hello to everyone that they meet
Even the leaves blowing out
Blowing out
Blowing out
Blowing out on the trees

(That's heaven)
That's heaven to me

Not forgetting however just a few other favourites:

Twisting The Night Away
What A Wonderful World
Touch The Hem of His Garment
Only Sixteen
Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha
You Send Me
Change Is Gonna Come
Chain Gang
Sad Mood
Bring It On Home To Me
Having A Party
Win Your Love For Me

If you get the chance, chill, relax, and have a listen.


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