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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The X Factor

She walked on to the stage and the held the mic tight until her knuckles began to turn white.

She stared out at the judges that looked and smiled. They were expectant, they wanted a return.

She took in the crowd, the lights, and stood still ready to give her very best.

Upon being prompted by the judges to begin, she began to sing. She opened her mouth and the words seemed to escape her, she coughed, and whispered, stopped and stared back bleary eyed, and confused.

Concerned looks from the judges, she got a second chance. She tried again. Attempted the first note. The peanuts that she was advised not to eat but ate anyhow somehow made its way up as she coughed and spluttered, full blown tears running down her face.

''I'm sorry'' she mouthed into the mic. ''The peanut,'' she gasped. ''It's stuck.''

''Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem.'' The judges echoed each other.

''Sorry'' she said again frantic, waving her hair out of her eyes. ''I just broke up with my boyfriend, I suffer from acute panic attacks, I just lost an earring and my wig wont stay on straight.''

There was silence as the judges looked at each other.

''And don't forget the peanut'' she pointed to her throat, coughing slightly, eyes streaming.

She was dressed for the part, ripped jeans, army jacket, high heeled boots.

''She looks the part at least'' one judge said. ''That's all that matters right?''

She looked to them, clutching on to her mic, waiting for the verdict. If she had the courage she would have run of stage right away, but her heels were too tight and her blisters cried back at her. She stood, shaking, crying, make up streaming and hair a mess.

A pause, and a deliberation.

''It's a yes from me'' one judge said.

''Its a yes from me too'' the other replied

''I think you have something, its a yes from me too''.

In disbelief she stared back, she flung herself on to the stage and wailed until she had to be carried off stage. She manged a ''thank you'' before she was lead away.

''Do you think we made the right decision?'' one judge asked the others? ''she seemed a little fragile no?''

''Makes for perfect TV'' The others grinned. ''Forget about the more talented, it's not about that anyway.''

''So you made it through,'' the host hugged her as she stood back stage. ''What advise would you give to others?''

She took a deep breath, thought long and hard, then replied ''Don't sing, cry like you just lost your mama and pretend your life is ending''.

''Great advice'' the host cried.

''Welcome to The X Factor!!''