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Monday, 7 February 2011

She Could Have...

She could have kicked herself for allowing the voices of so many to dictate her life.

'What shall I do?' She would ask.

'Do this, Do that' was the response.

She could have kicked herself for not following her heart, instead letting the words of others shape her next step.

'Is this the right thing? Is the wrong thing?' She would ask.

'This is better for you, and this is not the way' was the response.

She could have kicked herself for being so young and impressionable and allowing others to take control of her life.

'Do this, do that' They would say.

'OK' was her response.

She could have kicked herself for having so many regrets. Wanting to take back all the wrongs and make them right again.

Hoping to have done things a little better and listened to her Inner Voice a little more.

She actually did try to kick herself - if you could ever do such a thing - as she steadied herself against a wall and stuck out her left foot ready to strike her right. Trying to gain her balance, she instead lost it, and fell onto the floor in a heap.

Arms outstretched she waited for Him to pick her up.

And He did. He held her hand and picked her up and held her close as He revelled in the fact that the apple of His eye had reached out for Him. Her hope was no longer in others, only in Him.

She had forgotten the Lord was one of restoration and redemption. For the years the locusts had stolen were surely to be returned to her. She held Him close and submitted to His love.

She could have kicked herself...

But thank God, she wasn't even able to do that.