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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Right Back Atcha

So I’m standing in the kitchen, making myself a cup of tea, and my colleague walks in and exclaims that my stomach seems to be getting bigger.

‘It wasn’t like that yesterday!’ He screeches, pointing a finger at the said swelled belly. ‘What happened?!’

Doing my best to emulate love and peace and joy, I smile, calmly stirring the sugar into my cup.

‘I’ve been feeling really dizzy and off balance lately’, he goes on to say.

Pause. Don’t say it girl. Don’t say a thing.

‘Is that literally or in your head?’ I retort. Ha! I couldn’t resist. Lips pursed and hands on hip, my colleague mutters ‘how rude’! as he sways and drops to the floor. For him, I guess he meant literally.

I release and feel the bloated feeling in my stomach disappear. For me, I guess too much fruit and veg happened.