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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Which Way The Wind Blows

It was a first day like other. No way did she expect to have to encounter such adverse situations.

She placed her hand on her head and realised that her beloved had left her. The winds had been predicted, and caution had been given. She had even spoken a word, to at least abort the operation. Settle for something a little safer. She turned to and fro in search for the one that had been a trusted friend. Even her umbrella had deserted her. Two for the price of one.

The wind blew, and the marsh swayed to and fro. The musical ensemble of the whistling wind that entertained the grass did not do much for her own comfort. Up on the highlands of a Scottish marsh filled land, she was regretful.

She stared ahead and saw those around her getting ready. Some even ran to find her lost beloved. She was promptly dragged back to her position. They searched high and low, battered and bruised by the fierce wind. Still nothing. Why had they chosen this for her on her first day??

''In 5,'' a voice called out.

She was on borrowed time. She looked around but could find nothing.

Her debut. It would be a shambles. She contemplated running away and hiding amongst the marsh that undoubtedly held her sweet beloved.

''Somewhere, out there, beyond the clear blue skies'' she found herself singing in hope as she wiped the running mascara from her eyes.

''Please.'' She was ushered along to her spot and silenced by a finger to the lip.

She grinned and grimaced. Turned left and right in hope, but still no joy. Her mother had already told her not to do it. ''This new job of yours,'' her mother had said as she simply shook her head at her daughter.

''In 5, 4, 3," the one in charge spoke. She trembled in fear at the thought of what was to be endured.

From the corner of her eye, she saw feet running, arms flailing, and then she felt a pat on her head and something pushed into her hand. Her beloved had been found, and not so strategically placed upon her head, as well as an added extra.

''...2. 1''. The voice readied her into action.

She smiled, took a deep breath and spoke. With her hand on her newly found wig, she broke into a smile, as she held the borrowed umbrella over her head.

''Good morning and welcome, join me for a turbulent morning on the 6am Weather Forecast News''.