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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

He Is For You

I close my eyes and I think back to a time when I knew this one girl

She was hot fresh off the street, her whole attire spoke of some ghetto lifestyle

I had finished performing in a small church gospel concert, singing the songs I had written to many that would hear it, and there she was

She looked at me and said, ''I liked the way you sang, your words, they really touched me''

Her eyes were sad, her smile barely reached

Traveling from Manchester to Bristol, Reading to Huddersfield, and Leeds,

Czech Republic, all over to spread the word through song

To those that hadn't even read it

She was the epitome of my reasons for the myriad of early morning rises and long extended travels

I smiled, ''thank you sweet girl, here take my number if you ever want to talk''

Oh, and talk did she do

But most of all she spoke her heart

Said she was going through some things, had some things to work out

She shared her innermost secrets

I left holding her heart in my hand

''What do I do with this, Sweet Lord?'' I asked

''Show her some hospitality'' He said

Spent time talking, advising, rebuking, approaching, laughing and chilling

Getting to know this sweet young girl opened my heart to a place

Where my heart was opened to share the place where God lived

She had been met with much negativity

See she was beautiful and kind, her thoughts were towards others

''Despite the brick wall I face, what about me?'' she said

''Despite my obvious failures, and my desire to sometimes stay in that dreadful place

where I should not be, what about me?''

''You were made to be just you. God loves you despite you'' I smiled

''But all my mistakes.'' She wept. ''So many are they. Yet I feel that all they see is my mistakes''

She cried, tears fell down her face

''I have been awful in the past, and I was blinded by desires'' She said

''Now they tell me what I should do as if they are part of the Military''

''Don't worry about them,'' I said, ''Just keep being you''

''In time you will understand. He is the only one you need to please''

She smiled and slept and dreamed a sweet dream

A dream of grace, a dream of power, a dream of love and a dream of sound mind

She woke to realise that unconditional love was the essence to her being

That nothing that could separate her from the love of the One who reciprocated her hearts intent

''God is amazing!'' She cried. ''He loves me for no matter what!''

Smiles from me, so glad that she now understood the heart of the One who so loved her

Smiles from Him so glad that she understood His heart towards her, the one He so loved

Smiles from Him because she at last knew, that He was for her

Just as He is for you.