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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

You Only Live Once

The wind in her hair reminded her of the days of impromptu drives with her teenage love, in his car with the rooftop down

Dust in her sandals brought back memories of their fun and laughter on a sandy beach after a midnight escape from her bedroom window

The sound of an ice cream van reminded her of the desperate craving for a 99p flake courtesy of the one who loved to hold her hand

The ringing of the church bells made her laugh at the so many hour late arrivals to Sunday service

The announcement of a delayed train arrival brought recollections of a four hour long bus ride alternative

The appearance of rain drops brought to mind a mad dash in the rain soaked through and through

Her reflection in the mirror showed the lines on her face that a thousand yesterdays had added

A thousand yesterdays reminded her of the myriad of tomorrows still to come

With the car rooftop down, wind in her greying hair she turned to smile at her love

'You only live once, they say. We may as well live it twice over while we can'...