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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Under Arrest

Jill stood quietly twiddling her thumbs, chewing gum.

The officer seated opposite her drummed his fingers on the table.

'An answer please?' He asked exasperated.

She blew a bubble and popped it with her finger. She winced as she wrestled to do. The hand cuffs left her limited.

'Listen sir' she responded, 'I'm not even the perpetrator trying to perpetrate and I don't have time for you to be perpetrating me so I am going to have to perpetrate you which means I need to leave now ok?'.

Jill got up out of her chair and made her way to the door. She turned the handle. It was locked.

'Listen Miss', The Officer was stern faced. 'You're not even making sense so I suggest you zip up, shut up, and sit down, ok?'.

Jill took a seat. She didn't want to aggravate anyone for no means necessary.

'Now, the Officer concluded.' You say you are not the...ahem'. He cleared his throat, 'The perpetrator, but we have evidence that places you right at the scene of the crime'.

Jill pouted her lips and pulled her fingers through her hair. In doing so a single loose braided extension came loose within her fingers.

'Oops' She smiled weakly, slightly embarrassed. 'TV and Magazines say all these vitamins are good for you. You know...Wash and Go, Loreal and all that... but looks like, its making me lose some here and there.' She quickly put the hair into her bag. 'Should have stuck to Kera Care', Jill muttered under her breath.

'Well' the Officer deliberated, 'It seems that at the scene of the crime there were evidences of hair extracts'. He paused. 'Well... many actually'. He held up several loose extensions identical to the one Jill had pulled out of her hair. 'Can you explain yourself?'.

Jill coughed, she was coy. 'Well I'm sure I'm not the only one to have a few hairs run loose here and there'...She eyed his balding head.

Jill smiled as the Officer spluttered.

'Look', She said raising her hands in defeat. 'What do you suggest?'.

The Officer smirked. 'I like people that cooperate'. He smoothed the remaining strands of hair over his head.

'Simply give back the lollipop, and you're free to go'.