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Friday, 28 May 2010

Stranger In The Dark

‘Get out of the car’! He screamed at the top of his lungs. ‘Get out of the car!’ The stranger's face was contorted as he shook the car with force. His speech was muffled as if he wasn’t able to speak properly. He had a hood pulled down low over his face and everything about him was angry and invasive He was a stranger that had come lumbering toward her. It was dark outside and Jada’s car had just broken down. She was stuck in the middle of weeds and bushes on a dark deserted road.

Locked inside the car, she was shaking. ‘Leave me alone!’ she cried, ‘leave me alone!’. Jada was frantically searching for her phone to call emergency. Her hands shook uncontrollably in her search, her fingers unable to pick up any object she lunged for steadily. Her blood ran cold through her body, it seemed she was no longer a part of herself. She couldn’t find her phone.

The man was full of menace and fury as he banged his fists on her car window. ‘Get out!’

‘I don’t have any money!’ Jada screamed, ‘Please just go’. Her car had broken down and she was forced to wait for someone to pass by and help. She threw out the contents of her bag onto the floor of the car and scattered things around until she found her phone. Battery dead. ‘No!’ Jada cried, ‘No!’ She could taste a strange metallic intoxicating taste in her mouth. The taste of death.

The man was rocking the car back and forth with immense strength. The car seemed ready to topple over. Jada was beyond fear. Adrenaline was coursing all the way through her body. This man had an intent to kill her.

He growled and punched the window of her car with his fist and the glass cracked. Jada screamed and cowered back into her seat.

The man seemed to give up.

He stopped his attack and limped slowly away.

Jada was trying to catch her breath. All was silent.

Suddenly he appeared again, his face close to the window he had just cracked. In his hand he had a huge rock. With major force he pulled back and threw the stone at the car window. Glass shattered all over the passenger seat of the car and all over Jada as the rock missed her head as she ducked, and exited the driver window. More glass shattered and fell to the floor.

She screamed and backed into her car door. she was unable to control her whole body shaking now. A cold chill ran threw her body. ‘Please somebody help me!!!’ she screamed at the top of her voice. ‘Please! Somebody!!!’.

The man reached his hand in through the broken glass and unlocked the car door. He pulled the door open and grabbed at Jada’s leg. Jada felt the cold night air against her as the wind howled and whistled.

‘Get out’ The man screamed furiously lunging towards her. ‘Get out! Get out, get out!’.

Jada kicked and screamed trying to get this monster off her, as the man grabbed both her legs and pulled her out of the car. He dragged her to the floor and pulled her with him as they struggled on the dirt floor, just as a train came careening by. Lights flashing and horn blowing smoke, the train smashed into Jada’s car.

She had been parked on a railway line that was covered up by the weeds and bushes.

The man had just saved her life.