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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Thinking back to the days, when back in the days the days seemed to move really quickly

As soon as today was it's own, today became yesterday, and yesterday was once tomorrow, as each passed quickly by

Then there were times when back in the days it seemed as if life followed a snails trail

Couldn't wait for the joys of tomorrow, wishing today away, and hoping that it would be yesterday, buried under the togs of a warm duvet cover counting the sheep away

Either there was too much to do with so little time, or so much to look forward to, and wishing there was no time, so that 'tomorrow' would surely come

Wishing life away in the hope of a better tomorrow, or hoping yesterday could relive itself over for a better today

Always wanting what once was or what could be, wanting to sweep away the broken eggshells and wait for the new yolk to hatch

The 'shoulda, woulda, coulda's' and the 'if, buts and only'

And now, now that 'back in the days' is just 'back in the days', what about the here and now?

The here and now will at some point be 'back in the days' itself

Each day as it comes, for today will always be yesterday, and today will always be tomorrow...and today will always be today.

The remembrance of yesterday, the need of today, and the hope of tomorrow.

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