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Thursday, 25 June 2015

What Really Matters Most

"Isaiah, Please... Would you just go and play with your toys for a minute" I cried in exasperation.


I looked down, and and was met with big round eyes open wide with pools of tears gathering inside. Little hands were clinging onto me in desperation, pulling at my trouser leg, trying to clamber up my leg and onto my lap.

My heart melted.

You see, my 11 month old son, 1 day short of turning 1 years old was desperately trying to get my attention. But I was too busy. Busy putting together numerous photo albums of hundreds upon hundreds of pictures I had printed up of my baby boy which chronicled him from birth to this very day.

Busy wrapping up his untold gifts that had been bought and trying to figure out silently in my head if I needed to get more decorations to add to the ones I had already purchased. Trying to figure out if I needed to get more bubble solution for his battery operated balloon frog bubble blower thingy to create an even bigger experience of ever flowing bubbles to keep him entertained. Wondering if I needed to get more favours to put in the kiddies goody bags. Wondering if there was enough food on the menu for the guests.

My heart melted as I looked into those eyes, and I stopped and drew his tiny little body into my arms and planted kisses all over his face, wiping away the tears that had escaped from the corner of his eyes and trickled down his cheeks. I tickled the souls of his feet and instantly a giggle was released. Another tickle, and this time peals of laughter as a beautiful gappy toothed smile lit up his whole face. He flipped himself over in my lap and faced me as he pulled my nose, then pulled my cheek, then pulled my lip and giggled again, rocking from side to side as he does when he is extremely happy and content.

You see, my son wasn't fussed about the gifts and toys, the photos, the decorations, the bubbles, the food that his tiny stomach wouldn't be able to handle anyway - all my son wanted was...me. It really reiterated the simplicity of children, and how I really wished I was one again. Here I was trying to get all these things done for him, and he was happy just rocking away and having his under feet tickled. I thought about the past year and what a joy it has been to have this boy in my life, and how precious and innocent he is, and how dearly I love him with all my heart.

As I momentarily succumbed to his world of laughter and play, I would just have to wait for his next nap before I resumed back to mine.

Happy 1st birthday Son, Mummy loves you!


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